This is the first time in 10 years I’ve had the confidence to wear a bikini and it’s not because I’ve lost weight or because I’ve gotten a bunch of compliments lately or anything like that. It’s because everyday I come on this site and I see beautiful confident girls, who also happen to be plus size, bravely modeling and sharing their summer beach looks to the internet. Seeing girls like myself smashing the construct that “fat girls can’t wear bikini’s, crop tops, skinny jeans, etc.” has done more than a thousand sit ups or a hundred compliments ever could. Thanks tumblr for helping me brave the storm that was my self confidence. Keep doing what you’re doing cause it’s working :)
ASOS CURVE: Exclusive Pansy Print Bikini $37.16
Sorry for the bad quality (cell phone pic). I’ll get some shots of it in action before the summer is over! (Please no porn blogs, ty)